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                                                                          Submissions for Military Spouse Magazine

lori volkmanI have exciting news! I’ve been asked to write a brand new column for Military Spouse Magazine and the first issue will come out in August. Through fall and winter, I’m looking for YOUR stories of connection. If you are:

(1) a Civilian family with a wonderful military connection/understanding story; or

(2) a Reserve or National Guard family struggling (or succeeding!) to connect with your active duty counterparts and make it through living on the fringe of military life; or

(3) an Active Duty family who has recently come to understand and appreciate anew the partnership benefits between you and your Reserve and Guard families …

then I want your stories right here, baby.

Please send me an email of 800 words or less explaining your story to the email address in the upper right-hand corner. I may not have time to respond to every email quickly, but I will read each and every one for consideration in my column.

The most rewarding part of my journey at Witty Little Secret was the weekly email that said, “I feel exactly the same way and you put into words what I couldn’t express to my friend/parents/employer.” Even better was the occasional, “I completely understand, now. Thank you.”

Let me say thank you too, for all you do for our military family. Let me tell your Reserve family stories. This is where we start to close the military-civilian gap.


Lori Volkman


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