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I live, I breathe, I practice law.  I raised two unruly kids while my husband was mobilized to the desert and now I struggle with the transition that brought him home. I want civilians to understand that homecoming is not the magic pill that cures deployment. I think about mom’s cancer, I go to church, I go to happy hour, and I believe in things. Faith is the scariest thing I do.

I cry sometimes, write sometimes, and I do a lot of stinking laundry at 10:30 pm. I’m an over-achieving sarcastic wordsmith with inappropriate thoughts and a desire to make sense of it all.  Some people find it entertaining, and a few less find it useful. Welcome to Witty Little Secret.

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Lori Volkman is a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Washington State who started writing an anonymous online deployment diary in September 2010 when her husband was deployed to the Middle East.

However, it didn’t remain anonymous for long. The blog gained an immediate following due to the popularity of Volkman’s posts exploring the humor and realism of military family life and how it intersected with the needs of a working professional and mom.

Volkman has been published in the New York Times at War Blog, WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed,” and in Reader’s Digest. She has appeared in interviews in Newsweek’s Daily Beast, the Department of Defense “Family Matters” Blog, America Online’s Military community and has appeared on CNN, the NBC Nightly News, and the CBS Evening News. Witty Little Secret was nominated for Best Spouse Blog at the Military Blog Awards in Washington, DC in both 2011 and 2012, and Volkman was awarded “2012 Voice of the Year” by BlogHer, the internet’s premier blogging platform for women’s issues. Volkman also volunteers as the Communications Director for Military Spouse JD Network, and is a featured writer at’s spouse website,

She is currently compiling her deployment stories for publication in a book entitled “Solo Ops.” Requests for interviews, proposals, or agent queries may be sent to


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New York Times at War

November 2012, The Resilience of Sergeant Bales’ Wife by Lori Volkman

Robert Kari Karilyn Bales


Department of Defense: Family Matters Blog by Lisa Daniel

June 2012 article on the challenges of being both a lawyer and a military spouse

family matters blog

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 CBS Evening News with by Barry Peterson

May 26, 2012 interview concerning homecomings and reintegration.


NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

April 2012, “Silent Ranks” by Miguel Almaguer, concerning Kari Bales

Miguel Almaguer


CNN Morning’s Newsroom with Carol Costello

March 2012 interview concerning my “Open Letter To Soldier’s Wife”

CNN Kari Bales


Reader’s Digest

December 2011 article by Beth Dreher concerning Military Family Blogs

Witty Little Secret

December 2011/January 2012 Article in Reader’s Digest


War News Radio

August 19, 2011 interview about dealing with deployment, starting at minute 9:40.


The Columbian Newspaper

May 2011 article about’s Blog Awards and Deployment Difficulties


WGNA New York

December 2011 Radio Interview about Why I Write (click to hear full interview)

Witty Little Secret


United Parcel Service Blog

May 2011 article by Air Force MAJ Mike Andrews about Military Spouse Sacrifices

witty little secret


The Ridgefield Reflector

July 2011 local newspaper article about the success of Witty Little Secret

Lori Volkman


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