And the Winner Is …

My video debut!  Wow. I just realized I’m much funnier on paper. And I’m much prettier when my face isn’t involved.

Big thanks to The Home Depot for supplying the booty! Oh, and there was a last-minute change to the rules. We were unable to pull the name from a hat. Turns out hats of the brimmed variety that don’t flop over when you reach in are in relatively short supply in my house. I guess I didn’t consider there might not be a top-hat in my closet. Since Husband did not authorize the use of his cover, I was relegated to a bowl. A boring old bowl. It still worked fine, but this contest went WAY old-school in the end. I still love Rafflecopter, but doing it this way was fun, too.

Congratulations to the winner!  Man, now that I know who it is, I want a full guest post on what you did with your prizes. Well, without further delay … here is the drawing!


VOTY Reader