photo by Mandy Jansen

Whoosh! Out of one suitcase and into another. I just returned home from speaking at a conference in northern Washington in time to kiss both kids and fall asleep on the couch with them, and Sunday I’m headed straight for the other Washington: D.C.

I’m so stoked to be headed there this close to the election. I can already smell the hair goo of swarthy politicians and feel the electrified buzz of gaffe-finders and fact-checkers. I can just hear the squeak of expensive leather shoes on glossy tile floors and the clicka-tap-tap of journalists struggling to make deadlines from their keyboards. Mmmm, and I can already taste the energy drinks that will be required for me to make it through the week.

For those who would like to follow along on my adventures, from October 21-24 I’ll be tweeting from @LoriVolkman during the annual AUSA Exposition, the hugest of huge military conferences put on annually by the Association of the United States Army. Despite what the name may imply, it’s really an all-service information, vendor, and contractor forum for all things military. I’ll be focusing on the military family providers there and probably talking about what shoes I’m wearing in between (very important in my opinion). I’ll be talking with folks from Blue Star Families, SpouseBUZZ.com, Military.com, Military Avenue, SitterCity, the DoD Family Forums, National Military Family Association, Sarge’s List, USAA, and, well … 35,000 more of my newest, closest friends.

You can follow non shoe-related tweets at #AUSA2012 or by following their conference-dedicated Twitter feed: @AUSALive. But mine will be funnier, just so you know.

MSJDNThen from October 25-27 I’ll be at the Military Spouse Career Summit in Alexandria, Virginia. I’ll be there as Communications Director of the Military Spouse JD Network (you thought I only wore ten hats but really, it’s eleven).

You can follow that conversation via Twitter at @MilspouseJD including nuggets from my private interview with Craig Newmark, of CraigsList fame. The conference is put on by National Military Spouse Network and the keynote speakers are just amazing: CraigsList founder Craig Newmark, Author and National Security Strategist Dr. Janet Breslin-Smith, and Communications Specialist and Emmy award-winner Rosemary Freitas Williams. If you are in the DC area and you’re a military spouse, you really should register for this conference. It’s going to be some of the most invaluable networking you can imagine, and unlike AUSA there will be a manageable number of people to mingle with and learn from. Really, you should do it. Register here.

Most of all, if you’re attending either of these events, please let me know because I LOVE meeting people in person that I’ve met through this blog. I hope to see you either virtually or in person, no matter where you are.

~ Lori


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mel
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 11:16:41

    Sounds like an exciting trip! Can’t wait to see all the photos and updates!


  2. Your-college-roommate
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 07:58:38

    One day you’ll have to add an extra night stay in dc so we can see each other.


  3. John Erickson
    Oct 19, 2012 @ 17:44:48

    Sorry, can’t get my butt to DC, I’m lucky to get the wife to her job 15 miles away! Now, if you get down by Columbus, Ohio, there’s a fair shot I could find you, and if you get around southern NC, I can line you up with one HECK of a Navy Chaplain doing great stuff for PTSD. 🙂
    Good luck – hope you can sneak some sleep in. Can you sleep standing up? Get yourself packed into a crowd somewhere, then just drift off and let the crowd hold you up! 😀


    • Lori Volkman @ Witty Little Secret
      Oct 19, 2012 @ 18:05:40

      How about Veteran’s Day weekend, John? I’ll be in Columbus with Home Depot. Is that close enough for you? Yes, more travel, I know I know … I’m learning to sleep on one leg. Like a pink flamingo!


      • John Erickson
        Oct 19, 2012 @ 18:12:43

        Hmm… Veteran’s Day is a Sunday. Not sure if the wife could get off that day (I need to be chauffeured, due to my meds), but I can check. Might even be able to create a three-way – I’ve got a blogging friend from Cincy that I just met in person this past Tuesday, who for some reason is eager to see me again. Any idea where in Columbus? You can Email me if you don’t want that info public.
        Ooh, I’m gettin’ goosebumps! TWO blog buddies in one year? Be still my clamouring heart! 😀


  4. Al
    Oct 19, 2012 @ 17:28:26

    Wish I could be there to give you a big Virginia welcome but alas I have some commitments here in Virginia Beach. Have a great trip and I’ll be following your exploits on Twitter!


  5. youngadultish.com
    Oct 19, 2012 @ 17:03:54

    I need a nap just from reading about all that you’re up to. Go, Lori.


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